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Dirt Rally Will Add PS VR Support As DLC


Dirt Rally is a return to form for Codemasters. Rally is back in full fashion this time, with a more realistic handling and physics model. A short stint in Early Access on Steam has provided feedback from players to make it a pretty decent racing game.

And it looks like was has not wrapped up just yet on the title, as they recently announce Dirt Rally VR.

Dirt Rally VR is a DLC upgrade that will be available on the Playstation Store, though it will also be bundled on new retail discs. Unlike Gran Turismo Sport’s upcoming VR experience, Dirt Rally VR enables the whole game playable in VR.

Interestingly, Dirt Rally VR will utilise the social screen (the screen on the TV while a person is using the VR headset). Another person can join and be the co-driver, sending the correct instructions by pressing buttons and using the controller’s touchpad. That would be a great way to mess up your friend’s experience, or rather provide more immersion as the co-driver may not be as reliable this time. Remember, don’t cut.

We will have to wait and see if the feature is worth a try. No details on when it will be released or if it will be a free download for previous Dirt Rally owners. Hopefully it will fare better than Driveclub VR– which we heard mixed responses from those who have tried it.