Dirt 4 Announced For June Release

So now we know why Codemasters are giving away Dirt 3 and Dirt Showdown (and also Grid) for free. Looks like they have another entry to the off-road racing series already cooked up. It’s coming really soon too.

Dirt Rally was one big experiment for the team on doing Early Access and taking in more feedback from fans- and making the simulation driving model they have to be even more closer to real life car handling. However, in an interview with Red Bull e-Sports Codemasters considered Dirt Rally as an offshoot, like Dirt Showdown was with the destruction derby influence. As such, Dirt 4 will bring in the easy to pick up nature of the series for casual fans to enjoy while still having the hardcore sim part of the game available from what they did in Rally.

The beeline feature this time is Your Course, a rally course generator tool. This should give you the thrill of a rally driver blazing through the unknown with only the pace notes of your co-driver to rely on.

Similar to Dirt games before, it will be a multiple discipline ordeal. Starting off from a rookie learning the ropes in the Dirt Academy until you become the world champion of rally, Rallycross (with official licence), and Land Rush events. Expect to see more off-road racing in rally cars and buggies this time in five different locations around the world- Australia, Spain, Michigan (USA), Sweden and Wales.

Dirt 4 is set to release on PS4, PC and Xbox One on June 7.

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