Devour Is A 4-Player Co-Op Survival Horror Game, Out January 28

Co-op survival horror is a pretty booming genre niche these days, thanks to the popularity of Phasmophobia. If you’re looking for something of the same wheelhouse, you might want to give Devour a look.

Devour is an indie survival horror game designed for 1-4 players by indie devs Straight Back Games. It’s playable solo or with friends, and promises that no two playthroughs (lasting up to an hour) be the same.

In Devour, you play as cult members working together to exorcise your cursed leader, Anna Puerta, from doing more evil after a ritual gone wrong has her possessed by the goat demon Azazel.

Devour is focused on one demon and one location, but locked doors and item spawns will be randomised. The AI also behaves unpredictably.

Devour releases on PC via Steam on January 28.

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