Deus Ex Mankind Divided’s New Trailer Summarises The Story So Far

Deus Ex Mankind Divided has been quiet with their promotion recently. Most probably due to the backlash of the pre-order campaign. Despite that, Eidos Montreal’s latest game may still live up to the surprisingly faithful and fantastic 2012 prequel game.

Since it’s been so since the last game, this new trailer summarises what is the story so far, without spoiling the prior game’s ending, and gives you a brief on what to expect in the first hours of Mankind Divided’s plot, being narrated by protagonist Adam Jensen’s sweet, gruff voice. Aside from the story, gameplay choices are emphasised. You can still go guns blazing, sneak like a ghost and hack stuff to navigate the missions you will encounter.

If you prefer to go blind and avoid story spoilers this is the time to back out. Deus Ex Mankind Divided will be releasing on August 23 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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