Deus Ex Mankind Divided’s Breach Mode Is Now A Free-To-Play Standalone On PC

Want to try out Deus Ex Mankind Divided but not yet willing to spend the money for it? Well this is good news, the Breach Mode from the game has been spun off as a standalone, free-to-play game on PC.

Breach Mode is an arcade-style take to the Deus Ex formula, with smaller and simpler levels but with (almost) all the tools you would have in the regular single-player. You don’t play as Adam Jensen though. It is framed as someone doing some VR hacking, with some loose ties to the main story. But why would Square Enix would ever release a portion of their game for free?

Well, as we noted in our review of Deus Ex Mankind Divided:

“It’s fun for what it is, but you can clearly see why Breach is in the game: micro-transactions. Like many games using this system, it has a premium currency (chips) that allows you to buy premium items, in this case weapons, but with a little RNG added to it.

Which undermines that Breach is actually an OK game mode, but there is a micro-transaction hook to it that does impact gameplay.”

So don’t expect deep gameplay and engaging story here, but lots of loot boxes. But still, the core gameplay is solid and for the price of free, it should be a good taste of the main game or if you wish to test if your rig is capable of running it.

Deus Ex Breach, as it is now called, is available on Steam here.


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