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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Pre-Order Bonuses Now Available For Free To Everyone


We never asked for this, but now we got it all for free. Deus Ex Mankind Divided offered a ton of bonus pre-order items that includes skins for Adam Jensen, skins for weapons, an in-game mission, and access to a mini comic, a novella and a mini artbook. All of these are remnants of a disastrous pre-order campaign that incorporates the ideas from crowdfunding. That campaign got backfired and cancelled in the end.

But anyway, pre-order items like this usually crop back into the digital store as paid DLC, so seeing that everyone gets it free is a pretty sweet deal.

The novella, mini artbook and mini comic can be downloaded here. For the in-game items, it will be automatically added in an update while console versions require you to download the items in the store. As of the time of writing, the items have yet to appear in Playstaion Store Asia. As always, give it a few weeks before it will appear there.

Mankind Divided has a season pass that so far includes one story DLC, System Rift. Another DLC is set to appear early this year.