Destruction AllStars Is A Flashy New Demolition Derby Game For The PS5

There’s always going to be a car game for a new generation of consoles. While the more serious petrolheads are gawking at Gran Turismo 7, there is another car game that’s more appealing to the general mainstream crowd.

Revealed at the PS5 stream recently, Destruction AllStars is a new demolition derby game. In other words, drive cars, ram other cars, cars go boom and cronch. It includes a flashy, cartoony artstyle with a vibrant arena setting akin to Rocket League, but this ain’t Rocket League.

The trailer shows off that you’ll be playing as wild looking characters that can also traverse on-foot and get in another car should one is destroyed. Intriguing.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Destruction AllStars is being made by Lucid Games, a developer team made of former Bizarre Creations developers. So they know a thing or two about car games (Project Gotham Racing, Blur). It’s a second-party title, working together with SIE XDEV, and carries that new PlayStation Studios branding.

Destruction AllStars will be coming to PS5.

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