Destruction AllStars Adds New Challenge Series For Bluefang, Details Content Roadmap

Looks like the content rollout for Destruction AllStars, the PS5-exclusive demolition derby and parkour game, has shifted into gear.

Lucid Games outlined what’s already out and what’s coming soon. First up is a new Challenge Series for Bluefang. The Challenge Series will see him facing off rival Angelo Avello and compete in seven challenges that will unlock exclusive cosmetics.

The Challenge Series aren’t free, mind, you’ll need to spend some premium currency to unlock it.

Good news is, Seasons is being added in Destruction AllStars. Each season lasts four months, with the first one, dubbed Hotshots, starting in April and lasts until July.

Each season will have a battle pass, like any live service games these days, and will have a free and premium tier to unlock exclusive cosmetics.

A new AllStar (playable character) will be added in the Hotshots season, as well as a photo mode and a competitive mode.

Hopefully, this will keep its fanbase (of the many folks who got it free on PS Plus) busy. There’s no fun crashing cars and players around when there’s no other players.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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