Despite Being Viable For Solo Play, Redfall Still Requires A Persistent Online Connection

Redfall, the upcoming open-world co-op game from Arkane Austin, has made great strides to promote that the game is totally playable solo, as a single-player experience.

However, as revealed on the FAQ page for the upcoming game, it missed a trick.

Redfall will require a persistent online connection for single-player and co-op. In other words, this is an online-only game.

Having to be always online makes sense for a multiplayer game, but it makes less sense for a single-player title. Deathloop, the game from the Arkane studio Arkane Lyon, supports offline single-player should you not want to opt into the invasions available when playing online.

Despite the marketing making efforts to insist this game is viable for solo players, the back end remains geared as a multiplayer game. Players who want a single-player game see “online only” as a game to be avoided.

The FAQ page also reveals that Redfall will include a “Hero Pass” paid DLC which will be adding two new heroes with new skills and gameplay, on top of the four available in the base game.

Redfall sounds less and less like an immersive sim experience that only a few studios like Arkane continue to do and more like the usual AAA open-world game other developers are doing right now.

Still, if you do like a co-op open-world game Redfall should still be your jam. The game will be out on May 2 for Xbox Series X|S and PC, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on launch.

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