Despite All Odds, EnVyUs Finally Beat Rogue, Then Emerge OGN Overwatch APEX Season 1 Winner

The OGN Overwatch APEX for season 1 is has come to an end, and has introduced us to many Korean talents and teams to watch for, and how they stacked up with the established NA and EU teams invited to the tournament. But the two big names in Overwatch butted heads once again at the quarterfinals.

The four invited teams from NA and EU were at par with the rest of the competition, with some Korean team might be even be stronger. NRG eSports did not make it out of the pools (and have recently made some roster switch), REUNITED lost to Afreeca Freecs Blue at their quarterfinals match, and both EnVyUs and Rogue were paired to meet each other at the quarters.

At this point of the tournament where EnVyUs, despite all odds, managed to pull through and actually win a LAN title.

Rogue is so far the most successful (and the most stable- until recently) roster in Overwatch, winning two different LAN events. One is the ESL Atlantic Showdown, where they ended EnVyUs’ 57 win streak and one at the APEC Premier, China’s biggest Overwatch tournament to date. They missed out on reaching the Overwatch Open finals with a close defeat to Misfits, who later on defeated EnVyUs at the finals. As such, EnVyUs are the crownless kings in Overwatch. Despite their dominance in NA, that never translated to a LAN win just yet.

Recently, EnVyUs DPS player Talespin left the roster midway into the OGN Overwatch APEX tournament. There’s a feud of some sort with fellow DPS player Taimou, but both parties in their statements have no ill will against each other. The lost of the most strongest projectile hero player is a big blow to the team, and with one week to get ready, they called in Mickie, the tank player for Team Weedtime that represented Team Thailand at the Overwatch World Cup, as a stand-in.

With the new balance changes just hit, the meta shifts with Soldier:76 and D.Va being strong picks. EnVyUs shuffled their roster to fit Mickie on tank, with support player HarryHook, “The most underused player in the world” to DPS and flex player InternetHulk on support duties. HarryHook had played Soldier:76 in previous patches and his aim is unquestionably good.

Either its a very calculated strategy, or just plain luck, despite all odds EnVyUs went on to perform excellently to win the best of five bout against Rogue. Mickie was excellent at shutting down Rogue’s Tviq and a few great D.Va ultimates. Harryhook’s aim, which made him a star in the Team Fortress 2 competitive scene before, has now been proven even better as he wrecks havoc as either soldier:76 or McCree. Taimou is still capable with his use of Roadhog, another strong hero in the current meta.

EnVyUs later plowed through Kongdoo Uncia in the semis and won OGN Overwatch APEX Season 1  by beating Afreeca Freecs Blue. Both two of these are not the favourite Korean team to make it this far, but they have certainly benefited with the recent patch that made the meta favouring them. Finally, the king found its crown.

But will Mickie stays on the team? So far he is still playing for EnVyUs, and will take part in MLG Vegas. Who knows, with the success they are currently have, he might stick around, at least until the Overwatch League happens.

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