On the quest to meet new friends – Demyleo speaks

Times have changed – it’s not just the competitive players who are avid gamers nowadays, but an increasing number of gamers today actively seek out friendly gamer communities when they play. Our featured gamer this week, Muhammad Darimy “demyleo” bin Rahid, tells us that he plays online games because he loves to meet new people. “I super rarely stream, but I will always join my friends’ games when they stream,” he says brightly.

Darimy started gaming 3 years ago with the first game that made him truly addicted – Dragon Nest – which his friend introduced to him in school. He then moved on to League of Legends, but now has a preference for games in the beta or alpha stage because of the experience of “trying new things”. He cites the example of Paladins, which he tried when it first came out, and now he spends time also introducing people in Fundeavour to try the game out.

Although Youtube is a good channel, and one that Darimy admits he wishes he could be – “I wish I could be like some Youtuber who plays a new game to introduce people to it,” he tells us – he doesn’t own a sufficiently high quality PC or laptop to currently do that.

That said, Darimy isn’t giving up just yet. “I enjoy watching gameplay or other gaming Youtube channels,” he admits. “I’ve always wanted to make a Youtube gaming channel, but I’m too busy with life, and I don’t have the setup required to build one. Maybe in the future!”

An example of a Youtube channel he aspires to become is MMOByte – which introduces him to new types of MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) that he might not have heard of before. “MMOs are my favourite type of gaming genre!” Darimy notes.

A snapshot of MMOByte’s Youtube channel


Being part of a community such as Fundeavour has seen Darimy meet various people – eventually forming Durian Crew, a Youtube group that now plays Paladins together quite frequently. “I’m really happy with what Fundeavour has become,” he says. “I first met Durian Crew, and now the TeaMasam community (note: yet another Youtube community that formed from friendships made on Fundeavour). I’m really surprised that there are so many gamers in Malaysia, and I hope Fundeavour grows bigger!”


Darimy can be found on Fundeavour at https://fundeavour.com/demyleo


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