Defend The Kaiju Threat With Mechs In The Creators Of FTL’s New Game

Subset Games made a Kickstarter success with FTL- a rougelike strategy game where you micro-manage a spaceship. Their next game, Into The Breach, feels more of a turn-based Pacific Rim as you are tasked to control a few giant mechs at your disposal to defend a Kaiju invasion.

If you’re into turn-based strategy tactics game like XCOM or Fire Emblem, this might be interesting to you. Aside from the usual turn-based mechanics, the environment plays a deal on making tactical decisions. Blowing up a dam could get the kaijus drown in water. Tidal waves can also benefit you. Just be sure not to harm the citizens while you at it- they’re the ones you need to be defending.

Here’s the trailer below:

Very simple, very minimalistic, just like FTL. It has the potential to be another solid indie hit like FTL did, but we will have to wait more to find out. Interestingly, Chris Avellone, formerly of Obsidian Entertainment and now a freelancer, is helping out in the development with writing and world-building. He is also helped out in the writing of Prey, an upcoming AAA horror-thriller FPS, as well as numerous other games.

Into The Breach will be out “when it’s ready” on PC, which includes Mac and Linux.

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