Deathloop Passes 5 Million Players Milestone

Arkane Lyon’s excellent time-looping shooter Deathloop has been played by at least 5 million players.

The Deathloop Twitter account celebrates the occasion by sharing other interesting statistics about Deathloop players, most of them arbitrary.

Five million players is a lot for a single-player-ish game like Deathloop. But with the context of other major AAA releases sharing their big-number sales milestones, Deathloop’s five million is rather small compared to God Of War Ragnarok’s 11 million sales as of this February and Elden Ring’s gargantuan 20 million sales.

Deathloop was also released two years ago, longer than the previously mentioned titles, and is currently being offered on Game Pass and PS Plus’ Game Catalog.

Still, five million is still nothing to scoff at. Plenty of players have given Arkane’s interesting twist of a shooter (and a lesser immersive sim game as a result).

The other Arkane studio, Arkane Austin, will be releasing Redfall later this May. With its focus on co-op and open-world design, this sounds like less and less of your typical Arkane immersive sim. But we’ll see if the mainstream gamers are onboard, despite the online-only requirements.

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