Death Stranding Gets New Character Trailers, A Snippet Of Gameplay And More Lore About The Babies


Hideo Kojima’s next opus, Death Stranding, is weird. And with more new details being released it keeps being weird. At gamescom 2019’s Opening Night Live, we got two new character trailers, following up on Heartman. Plus, a new snippet of gameplay.

First is the character trailer for Mama. She is played by Margaret Qualley. Her thing is that she has a baby but the baby is trapped on the other side of the world- making it invisible. Though the two are still connected together by an unseen umbilical cord. As such, this baby does not behave like the antagonistic B.T.s.

Don’t ask, just roll with it.

The other character is Deadman. The likeness is of Kojima’s good friend Guillermo del Toro. Here, we get the explanation of why our hero Sam needs to carry the Bridge Baby (B.B) around and how the babies work.

The babies are connected to the land of the dead, needs an update once in a while and don’t last any longer than a year.

Next is a short gameplay segment of Death Stranding. Here you get to see Sam relieving himself, which later sprouts a mushroom. Then he put up a set of stairs to reach the bunker of a certain Ludens Fan.

This shows off Sam dropping a delivery to the Ludens Fan (likeness of Geoff Keighly- another good friend of Kojima) and how the two starts to develop a connection. Later, Sam falls off a cliff and needs to keep the baby calm by rocking it.

Just roll with it.

Death Stranding will be shown off again at Tokyo Games Show 2019 with more gameplay. The game will be out on November 8th exclusively for the PS4.

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