Dead Or Alive 6 Adds Kokoro, La Mariposa And NiCO, A Silat Master And Scientist From Finland

Mahaguru will be proud

More Dead Or Alive 6 characters have been revealed at the Dead Or Alive Festival 2018. Two returning characters are Kokoro, the half-sister of Helena and master of Bai Ji Quang, and La Mariposa, the masked luchador lady.

A brand-new original character was revealed, in the form of NiCO. She is an android hailing from Finland that uses pencak silat.  It’s a martial art prominent in Southeast Asia with many uses of choke holds and swift, precise strikes. But being a scientist from MIST, her Silat is accentuated with electric shocks and plasma discharges.

Mahaguru will be proud.

Here’s the trailer, showcasing two new stages.

Dead Or Alive 6 will be out on February 15th for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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