Dave The Diver Hits Steam Early Access October 27

Dave The Diver, the upcoming debut game from Nexon sub-brand Mintrocket, now has a date for its Early Access release.

The game tasks you as the titular Dave taking up a diving job in the mysterious Blue Hole catching fish and exploring the ecosystem, and then helping to run a sushi restaurant-which uses the fish you caught earlier- at the end of each day.

It’s part roguelike adventure, part restaurant worker game ala Cook, Serve Delicious. And from the playable demo it released in a past Steam Next Fest, pretty fun, though a bit quirky in some parts.

The Early Access release of Dave The Diver will include new content which includes new mini-games. Food critics, seahorse races, and even vegetable and fish farms will are added.

Not only that, you can also engage in boss fights against deep-sea creatures and discover the lost civilization with the Early Access release.

In addition, Dave The Diver will also be part of The MIX Next Showcase among many other upcoming indie titles. Expect to see new gameplay during the showcase, which will take place on October 27, the same date as the game’s Early Access release.

Dave The Diver hits Steam Early Access on October 27.

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