Dave The Diver Heads To PS5 This Month, Launching Day 1 On PS Plus Game Catalog

Dave The Diver, the “indie-style” game by Mintrocket (a Nexon subsidiary), is heading to PS5 this month. And it’s launching day 1 on PS Plus Game Catalog, available for PS Plus Extra subscribers and higher tiers.

Dave The Diver was the hit indie-style game of 2023, blowing seemingly out of nowhere after it exited Early Access. The game also launched on Nintendo Switch later that year.

It was last reported that the game has sold more than 3 million copies.

Dave The Diver has you play the titular Dave, a diver who is roped into helping an old friend run a sushi restaurant. One thing leads to another as Dave has to not only catch fish using his harpoon gun, but also defeat bosses using guns, be a runner for the sushi restaurant’s night shift, breed fish, gamble on horsefish races and other wacky mini-games and side distractions.

Along the way, Dave will meet and befriend a whole cast of characters, from a stoic sushi chef to a black market arms dealer who’s also an otaku.

April looks to be a good month for South Korean developers, as PlayStation is bringing two big titles on to the platform. The other is Shift Up’s first console game, Stellar Blade.

Dave The Diver is also one of two games launching day 1 on PS Plus Game Catalog, the other being Tales Of Kenzera: Zau.

Dave The Diver launches on PS5 on April 16. The game is also available on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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