Dauntless Enters Open Beta, Open To All For Free

Though servers are pretty busy right now

Dauntless, the Monster Hunter-like Action RPG about slaying behemoths to get crafting material to craft better weapons and gear to slay bigger behemoths, is out now in open beta. Previously in closed beta which requires a Founder’s Pack purchase to get in, it’s now free for everyone to try.

For PC players, this is the first time a game similar to Monster Hunter is out on the platform, until that Monster Hunter World PC port arrives. So it might be something to check out if you’re curious about that style of gameplay. Dauntless is no carbon copy of Monster Hunter, however, as its simple but distinct art style and late-game behemoths require the understanding of mechanics ala MMO raids to take them down.

You can sign up and download the game’s client over here, free of charge. The servers however are pretty busy right now, with some reports of issues signing in at the moment, so don’t rush in just yet.

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