Dauntless Could Be The PC Monster Hunter Game We All Wanted

Dauntless is a new game announced at the 2016’s Game Awards, but it showed too little to make an impression. But the gameplay footage from the folks at PC Gamer is showing lots of potential: it could be the Monster Hunter game that’s available on PC.

For those not in the know: Monster Hunter is a series that has carved its own niche as a genre. With some RPG, MMO and action game elements, you team up with a few friends to hunt big, giant monsters. Then the loot from that can be used to craft bigger, better gear.

Dauntless seems to be doing that with its combat- you and a few friends team up to fight behemoths. Combat has more depth here with some combos that can be pulled off, so there’s more importance to your inputs than just raw stats power. Stamina also plays part to the combat as well.

Here’s the 17 minute footage of the combat. Note that this is still in pre-alpha, with a lot of features yet to be implemented, like other wildlife around the area leading to the behemoth.

Dauntless is developed by Phoenix Labs, a new studio made out of former developers from Riot, Bioware and Blizzard. The game is set to be free-to-play, with only cosmetics as micro-transactions planned. Dauntless is set to hit open beta this year, and you can sign up for it right here.

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