Darksiders III Leaked, Then Officially Announced

Back in its heydays, THQ had one cool action-adventure property called Darksiders. It’s loosely based on the biblical tale of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with Zelda-like gameplay. It received one sequel, with a plan to at least have one game for each of the four horsemen until THQ bankrupted with no picking up the IP and the original development studio, Vigil Games, closed down.

All is not lost however, as Nordic Games picked up the rest of the remaining IPs from THQ as well as the name. Rechristen as THQNordic, this new publisher has been putting out smaller releases like the Titan Quest reamster release on Steam, a De Blob PC port and remastered editions of the first two Darksiders. Today, word got out that Darksiders III is in the works via a leak on Amazon.

THQNordic has since confirmed this is true. Darksiders III will continue the post-apocalypse journey this time as Fury. She is tasked to defeat the seven deadly sins as part of a deal to free War, the horseman of the first game that set in stones the events of the series by unleashing the apocalypse a bit too prematurely, and has since been locked up. Her trademark weapon is the whip. Check out the reveal trailer below, via IGN:

Darksiders III is being developed by Gunfire Games, a studio formed from a lot of the former staff at Vigil. The studio has been making VR games for the Oculus Rift and remastering Darksiders II. This will be the first sequel of a THQ IP under the THQNordic banner, and the first AAA title for the studio under Gunfire Games. For fans of the series, after seeing the original publisher and developer shut down and no one picking up the IP, this is delighted news.

Darksiders III is expected to release in 2018 for PS4 and the Xbox One.

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