Danial’s Top 6 Games Of 2020

Hey guys, 2020 was quite a time vacuum, wasn’t it?

In fact, games were the true method to know the passage of time has been going because usually, you’ll be waiting for the games that you want to play.

The best games list for me this time might look different from others because they are solid titles that could stand on their own. Games that may not have gotten the recognition or proper view it deserved.

In any case, here are my top SIX games of the year that I loved and cherish in this weird year. 

You And Me And Her (aka Totono)

Visual Novels have made quite an impact this year with the major release of a certain Atlus game but honestly, it didn’t capture my heartstrings harder than the release Kimi no Kanojo from JAST, after a long 6 years wait. Its official translation is definitely worth the wait.

The storyline of one Miyuki Sone and Aoi is how you properly deconstruct the visual novel romance genre. Its final act is some proper stuff that still leaves an impact on me even after months of completing it. Its unique spin of the decades-old system deserves a sitting next to the top of the good VNs like 11 Sentinels.


On paper, Dreams looks to be one of those games where after the initial lackluster launch, its fate bounded to be a product obscured by time as people move on. 

But this one is a bit special. It’s a collage of ideas, creativity, and intrigue that if you look at it in a Roblox or Minecraft way of creating something out of nothing, then you’ll see why the community is still standing strong. Creating small games, cutscenes, music, and more, so that we as the players, can experience and feel what the creatives are doing with the tools given.

The amazement of what people can do is why I loved this title and once in a while, I would log in to see what ideas and games I could enjoy playing within.

Watch_Dogs: Legion

One thing that I had enjoyed playing this series is that they try to differentiate themselves from one another and the third entry of this series is by far the most unique. From its unique story beats that are engaging to the quite fun NPC headhunting to make them become a member of DedSec. 

The game had improved from the main core of the previous titles to make it a game that has tons of replayability in the future. A game that many brushed away from the buggy mess that was AC, but for me, this is the Ubisoft game of the year.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2

It would take a big backing and impressive expertise to remake a game based on an iconic series that has been on the downwards spiral. But Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 is one of those rare occasions where both of these criteria are aligned and we get one of the best remakes for this premier skateboarding series.

THPS 1+2 is a game that is addictive, fun to play, and has tons of replayability. A game that the veterans thoroughly enjoyed and the perfect introduction to this type of extreme sports genre that’s having a second comeback. It is the extreme short burst of video game perfection that we never knew we needed.

Cyberpunk 2077

To be fully frank to y’all, I didn’t read up on any info (besides watching the many hype trailers) before launch, perhaps this is why I went into Cyberpunk without any expectation and went out feeling quite satisfied with the gameplay and story. Because overhyped expectations is a dangerous game.

But Cyberpunk, bar it’s ridiculously buggy state, is one game where the story shines even in the mundanity of the many side quests. From helping a neighbor next door to the dismantling of a large corporation in the bid to make Keanu Reeves happy again, are a few reasons why its story is engaging to experience over and over again.

Perhaps after the bugs and issues are resolved, Cyberbug 2076 would be this generation’s Fallout New Vegas, an outlier in between more famous series in the market.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Yakuza is a treasure of a game series and Like A Dragon further solidifies the notion that this game really is the Anti-GTA that I would highly recommend it to people, no matter if its a newcomer or even veterans who have lost touch in the series.

It’s storyline is one of the strongest in the market and Ichiban being such a lovable character like Kiryu makes it the perfect welcome for our newest Dragon Quest loving dork. It’s RPG mechanics are also quite solid enough that playing it makes you wish they let the Yakuza dev team make that Middle-age Persona everyone’s keep clamoring about.

So in short, buy this game.


And so wraps up my game of the year list, perhaps not as interesting as some other’s list but I enjoyed this year’s spread of interesting titles. With that, we await the new year with intrigue. What will Next-Gen bring onto the table?

…and Oh yeah, have an Amazing 2021, everyone!

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