Danial’s Top 5 Games Of 2018

It's alright.

2018, the year where most AAA releases stumble and the good games shine brightly across the board. As the site’s connoisseur of bad games, you maybe be surprise that I too enjoy a good, unbroken game sometimes.

So, without further ado,here’s my top 5 for 2018.

5. Deltarune (Demo)

I still remember playing Undertale for the first time. Playing through this indie darling that’s part cutesy with some sprinkle of meta within them, and I enjoying my time with it.

And to say that Deltarune has recreated most of what made it’s predecessor charming within a free demo has made the wait for the full game exciting. It had flipped it’s own script and now going towards something special.

If it’s already this good as a demo, I can’t wait for the full thing in the future.

PS: Reisei is a good boy.

4. SIMULACRA: Pipe Dreams

A mobile game being in my top 5 is more likely than you think. Simulacra is one of those “Don’t knock it until you try it” games that many overlooked due to the simple fact that it’s a mobile game (with a PC port,mind you), but this one is on the list due to it’s interesting premise:

You have to save your best friend from playing a demonic flappy bird clone forever. 

It’s weird and I like it. Along with the fact that the devs also had fun making this( just look at the game’s occasion video “Ads”),makes playing this a worthwhile journey into the interesting wonders of Malaysian horror and storytelling.

3. Sunset Overdrive (PC)

Microsoft kept us from this gem for almost 5 years, but that doesn’t stop this game from getting the applauds when it finally releases on PC in November. Nothing more that I could say since I did do a review of it before the year ended.

All I wanted to say is this: This predecessor to Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man is quite good.

2. Dragon Quest XI

My formal introduction to one of the most beloved JRPGs in the world. And it hooked me in alright.

The atmosphere, the characters and the sometimes cliche story line proves that: If you want to remake something, better make it as refined as this one.

Fun fact: I also reviewed this, so if you want to know what I love/dislike about this one, go here!


1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Oh boy, where do I begin with this one?

Much like it’s protagonist, the game is flawed. It may not be the masterpiece some are claiming it to be but RDR2 is an story experience that many should go through, so please refrain from immediately jumping into the online mode.

But, don’t let it seems that I’m gatekeeping anything here but to those wanting to feel like a cowboy or a in-season raider, play the single player first. It’s well worth your time.

…and sleep well, Mr.Arthur. We did it.

Honorable Mentions

So to end this short and sweet list, here’s some games that I recommend picking up. They need a good home.

Tekken 7 – Still picking up steam with more DLCs but its already a formidable fighting game really.

DriveClub – On the PS Greatest Hits list for a reason, it’s a good racing game that sadly won’t see its potential fulfilled.

Burnout Paradise Remastered – “Oh won’t you please take me home~”

And that’s it, here’s to a good 2019!



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