Danial’s Favorite Games Of 2021

Hey there,everyone!

It’s week two of the new year and I’m here to write about my top 5 games of the year 2021 that have captivated this person for pretty much another turbulent year of video games. Without any more distractions, here’s my personal pick of games that I would recommend to try out.

Road 96 (Digixart)

Road 96 might have the simple twist of it being procedurally generated. But that simple twist brings life to the cast of characters you meet as you attempt to cross the border as one of many teenagers fleeing a country. It’s something that people would need to play to feel the uniqueness of this one.

Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy (Eidos Montreal & Square Enix)

Guardians Of The Galaxy is a space-adventure of heroes we have seen on the big screens, doing their typical space-adventure things whilst bantering their many highs or lows together, now concentrated onto a playable medium.

Along with a solid gameplay loop and story choices that make you laugh or even cry at times, it’s no wonder why I was pleasantly blown away with how Eidos Montreal hit all the right checks to make this the best action RPG of 2021.

Forza Horizon 5 (Playground Games & Microsoft) 

Besides it’s many, many quirks, Forza Horizon 5 is the new standard for open-world racing games, from it’s every enjoyable (but sometimes frustrating) live-service module, to it’s fun to explore map design and the numerous cars that you can drive within the game. Everything fits the game well and Playground Games should be proud that their racer is the one to beat right now.

Though it’s online components need more time in the oven, it has been a blast exploring this fictional version of Mexico, and making players excited for Thursday hasn’t been this fun since ever. 

Halo Infinite (343 Industries) 

After the fumbling of Halo 5, it was expected of 343 to make amends of their failed sequel and create the Halo game experience that fans wanted. Even after that botched first showing (the lovely face you see gracing my cover is the remnant of it), they went to work and made an open-world shooter that rivals the likes of Far Cry 6 in terms of interactivity, alongside the snappy shooting that you come to expect from this series.

Infinite is a celebrated step in the right direction for the Halo series, with some more tweaks to Single Player and Multiplayer, it could stand the test of time and be a future classic.

Deltarune: Chapter 2 (Toby Fox) 

To say that Deltarune Chapter 2 is a step-up from the first part of the game way back in 2019, is a great understatement from the advances that Toby Fox and their team have made. I mean, just look at how much new stuff that has been lovingly created for another FREE Demo, I’m just as surprised that it got shadow dropped like the first part and had a blast playthrough it within a week.

It’s writing still shines with choices that even big budgeted story-driven games couldn’t match, with how evil your main character could be within the end of this second chapter. All encapsulated in a new setting which makes long-time fans wanting more, even if the next chapters have price tags on them. 

In Conclusion

And that’s it for the year of 2021. May 2022 give us the games that would shine brighter than the world we currently live in. If not, there’s always the Metaverse to not look forwards to (lol).

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