Dangerous Golf Uses Complex Physics Simulations Underneath Its Silly Golfing

Anyone excited for Dangerous Golf? It’s a golf game by the developers who used to make Burnout, the arcade racing game where the crashes are spectacular and amazing to behold. Dangerous Golf is less about golfing but more about making a mess, breaking objects around the designated level to cause destruction and points. It’s Burnout’s Crash Mode by way of golf. Recently, the folks at NewScientist got some hands-on time with the game, saying that it has “the best physics simulation ever”.

While we are yet to believe whether that statement is true or not, there hasn’t any publicly available gameplay footage yet, the article at NewScientist detailed out how complex the simulation will be. First up is how every object will have their own physics simulation, up to thousands of them. Each object have specific mass, center of gravity and friction. All of them will be affected by motion and force in different ways too, all calculated in real-time like most games would do. Similar objects are even assigned slightly different attributes to account of imperfections, not all products are produced with all the exact details the same. Dangerous Golf is going to do thousands of different physics calculation as your burning golf ball smashes and ricochets through the area. “Most games – even big budget ones – have maybe four or five objects active at a time,” said co-founder of Three Fields Entertainment Alex Ward.

All this impressive work is done by an 11-man team for a silly golf game. Interesting. At least that toilet on the header above looks nicely smashed.

If you are interested in the full details and a more technical reading that was summed up here, go check out the full article at NewScientist. Dangerous Golf is set to appear on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime this June.

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