Daemon X Machina releases “Demo Feedback Changes” Trailer

After the release for the Daemon X Machina demo for Nintendo Switch, developer Marvelous! sent out questionnaires asking fans on what changes they’d like to see made before the game’s launch.

Since announcing their release date, they’ve also put out a second trailer dedicated to addressing the requests in the survey, showing off plenty of new changes from the demo build of the game.

Some of these changes make the game more beginner-friendly, such as a new system that provides lock-on for your mecha, letting you focus down tougher enemies.

Quality of life changes have been made too, with things like looting corpses from a further distance and doing so while flying.

Daemon X Machina announced their release date last night during the Nintendo E3 Direct.

Daemon X Machina drops for Nintendo Switch September 13th, 2019.


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