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Crikey! Australia Is Now In Civilization VI As DLC, Updates Coming Soon


After all these years Australia has finally mark their official debut in the Civilization series. It is one of the more fan requested civ in the game, specifically for those who play on real start maps- maps that are based on the geography of Earth and starting areas based on where each civ is supposedly located in the world map. Usually it was left to crafty modders to add Austraila in the game to have a civ occupying the otherwise empty Australia continent.

Australia is led by John Curtin, Prime Minister of Australia during the World War II. As a civ, Australia’s special abilities add up to make them very defensive, suitable for turtling players.

Bonus production if declared war on gives you advantage when at war to build defenses. Their unique units, the Diggers, replaces Infantry and are stronger at coasts and outside of their own borders. When it comes to city building, Australia gains additional housing in cities founded at coasts, and extra yield for districts if placed on high appeal tiles. To top that off, ¬†their Outback Ranch unique improvement adds more food and production, and worked pastures can trigger a culture bomb ala Poland’s citadels.

Here’s the trailer:

Australia, like Poland, will be a paid DLC.

As for free updates, expect one soon coming together with Australia. This will add Steam workshop support, team-based multiplayer as well as balance changes and bug fixes.

No release date is given just yet for both the update and DLC.