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Creature In The Well Is A Top-Down Hack-And-Slasher With A Pinball Twist, Out Now


Pinball has been slowly creeping up in game design again, apparently. First, it was Yoku’s Island Express. Now we have another game with a pinball twist: Creature In The Well.

Creature In The Well controls like a top-down hack-and-slasher. But the twist is you only do damage by swing on energy orbs. These power them up and will ricochet on objects- and you need to hit certain objects to delve deeper in this dungeon crawler. And these objects are all laid out like it is on a pinball table.

It’s an ingenious concept that is nifty as well as hard. Have a look at the launch trailer:

Creature In The Well is out now on PC (Steam), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.