Control Ultimate Edition and Destruction AllStars Are Your PS Plus Free Games In February

February is almost here and right on cue, PlayStation has unveiled the games that active PS Plus users could redeem for the shortest month of the year. It may involves car crashing, art creating and conspiracy breaking.

First, we have 1 out of the 2 PS5 game for us to download, which is also one of our best games contender of 2019, and that is Remedy’s Control. This version is the Ultimate Edition includes not only all the DLCs, but also the upcoming 60fps 4K improvements. This edition is not for the PS4, so keep that in mind.

Next game was suppose to be a launch title for PS5 but delayed to be launch within PS Plus, it’s Destruction AllStars. This game marks the return of Car Combat, something that the genre needs, with a colourful cast of characters crashing and bashing for the win.

If you need something more calm and relaxing, then Concrete Genie is your game. The game sees you playing as Ash, an artist bringing in some nice and lovely life onto their city via moving paintings.

And, exclusive to us at Asia, we’ll be getting the successor of Castlevania, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and robot Co-op game, Biped, as well.

All of this games will be available to download starting on February 2 and last until March 3.

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