Control The TV Programming Of Dystopian Britain In Not For Broadcast, Out Now

Ever wonder how powerful the TV is/was as a tool for propaganda? This game by developers NotGames and publisher TinyBuild Games might intrigue you.

Not For Broadcast tasks you to control the broadcast of the National Nightly News. With the power in your hand, you can cut between the camera feeds, censor swears, tweak headlines, and show (or not show) a narrative that you want this dystopian rendition of Britain filled with satire, to see. And maybe show some ads.

This is a first-person interface game where you press buttons and knobs to keep the show running, with the broadcast itself delivered in glorious FMV form. In fact, the game just got the Guinness World Record for Most Full-Motion Video Footage In A Video Game at 42 hours, 57 minutes and 52 seconds long.

That’s a lot of footage, and from the launch trailer alone you can see the variety on offer. From campy and silly news reporting to scenes where things get real dark, there’s a lot to see here- though some of those are… Not For Broadcast.

Not For Broadcast was on Steam Early Access for a while. This full release includes three new episodes and several endings. It’s out now on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.

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