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Come And Get It – Let It Die Out Now In Asia


Senpai! Looks like our early reports were accurate, Let It Die is now available not just in Japan, but all of Asia. You can now download the game at this link here. It’s a whopping 55GB download, but the initial 18GB should let you play the first three floors.

Let It Die is a free-to-play Souls-like action game exclusive for the PS4. Interestingly it is mostly single-player in nature and has a different way of monetising the game. We will get into how the monetisation works in a later article.

Also, remember to change your allegiance once you opened up the Tokyo Death Metro, an MGSV-like mode where you get to raid other player’s base and defend your own. There’s factions for most Southeast Asia countries, which are still pretty low in numbers at the time of writing.