Co-Op Horror Shooter GTFO Coming Out Sometime This Spring

GTFO is the co-op horror shooter being made by new developers 10 Chambers Collective, with veterans of that made Payday and Payday 2 on the team. The developers have released a behind-the-scenes documentary explaining the game, due out sometime this spring for PC (Steam).

Some interesting new tidbits of information has been shared in the documentary piece. For one, Adam Gascoigne is writing the game. He previously involved with the writing of Doom 2016 and also creative director on the first Call Of Duty Zombies mode. Makes perfect sense for a game about four players shooting down grotesque monsters.

There is a story: The four characters you play as are a rag-tag team that is under the control of an entity: The Warden. You have to complete tasks for The Warden, take whatever you found as loot and.. get out of there.

The story will continue to be delivered through ongoing content updates post-launch.

GTFO is touting that the game will test your co-operative skills more than any game of its kind as well as having survival horror-style tension.

“You’re almost always running out of ammunition. You’re almost always running out of health,” says developer Simon Viklund.

“If you want to survive you have to use all your tools and instincts to detect a combat situation before it happens, prepare for it, and control the action.”

“It is very challenging. It is something that will put a different strain on your team than other games, but if you’re up for the challenge – this is something for you,” says Creative Director Ulf Andersson.

The underground mining complex the game takes place in is definitely inspired by the likes of Ridley Scott of Alien fame.

Check out the full documentary here:

GTFO will be out on PC (Steam) sometime this spring.

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