Clockwork Revolution Is InXile’s Upcoming Time-Travelling First Person RPG

InXile Entertainment revealed its first new game at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 and it’s called Clockwork Revolution.

Set in a Victorian steampunk world in a town called Avalon, Clockwork Revolution is the studio’s first first-person RPG. This is also their first game post-Xbox acquisition.

The ruler of Avalon Lady Ironwood has constructed this magnificent world through the use of time travel. You also have that power, through the use of a Chronometer. This factors in gameplay as you are able to jump back and forth between the past and the current times.

The trailer showed this power used in moment-to-moment gameplay which should ring some bells for Bioshock Infinite fans. But in the Xbox Wire post, it is also mentioned that you can go back in time and influence it and see how it affects the present. So that bit should lead to some interesting RPG moments.

Game Director Chad Moore and Principal Designer Jason Anderson are involved in Clockwork Revolution. The two previously worked on CPRG Arcanum, developed by the now-defunct Troika Games.

Clockwork Revolution may not be a CRPG, but a big-budget FPS/RPG by these folks should still be interesting. Look at what Obsidian has done.

Speaking of, Obsidian also had more to show for Avowed, its upcoming first-person RPG based in the Pillars Of Eternity universe.

Clockwork Revolution will be coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) “in due time”. It’s currently in the pre-alpha stage, so that means it’s still early in development.

It will also be available on Game Pass day-1 of release.

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