Civilization VI Introduces The French, New Civ To Debut In A Livestream

Civilization VI has revved up their marketing engines with two civ reveals each week.. until now. Last week we only saw the unveiling of the French Civilization. France makes way of Napoleon for a new leader, Catherine de Medici.

Despite a surname associated closely with Italy (she is indeed Italian), Catherine de Medici had a long rule leading France through the 16th century. Her unique ability is called Ladies In Waiting, which gives you more information of every other civ once met. Researching Castles will provide an additional spy. Being shrewd diplomat during her reign, this fits well with her character and will be interesting to see how advantage this bonus is with the new diplomacy system.

France unique ability is called the Grand Tour, providing bonuses on constructing mid-game wonders. The Garde Impiriale is France’s unique unit which are stronger fighting in home continents and gains Great General points for defeating units, and the Chateau acts as its unique building that provides culture and provides bonuses when built nearby wonders, though it is required to be built near rivers.

The other civilization that was expected to be unveiled however, will arrive soon enough. Firaxis will be starting to do livestreams of Civ VI, and according to Lead Designer Ed Beach, a new civilization will be unveiled while showcasing mechanics surrounding religion.

Expect more Civ VI to come by as the launch day draws near. Civ VI will launch on October 21 on PC.

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