Civilization VI Introduces Huge Changes To The German And Spanish Civs

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! And that was what happened to Spain. The Civ VI version of the civ is a different beast than Civ V, where Isabella leads the civ with playstyle that rewards exploration and abilities to expand far away, Spain has a focus on religion this time.

With a religious victory now an option, Spain now gains plenty of bonues for religion, including the aforementioned Inquisitors. Now lead by Philip II, the Spaniards gain bonus gold for trade routes between continents (Treasure Fleet). Philip II brings the El Escorial ability, where combat units gains bonus against enemies with different religions and has a stronger Inquisitor that allows an extra charge to remove heresies.

The Conqustador is Spain’s unique unit that receives bonuses when stacked with any religious unit (missionary, inquisitor and apostle), and if stayed adjacent to a city when it is being captured, will automatically convert the religion to whatever Spain is following. The Mission is Spain’s unique district that not only provides faith, but can give extra faith if built in different continents to the capital and gives science if built adjacent to a campus.

Another civ getting retooled for Civ VI is Germany. Now led by Frederick Barbarossa, is known more as the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (which, as the joke goes, neither holy, Roman or even a proper empire). He also proclaimed the title the King Of Germany during his reign as well.

Germany this time is more geared towards production, and advantages of taking down city states rather than barbarians in Civ V. The German civ’s unique ability allows construction of one more district than the population limit allows. The Hanse is Germany’s replacement for the Industrial zone, which gains bonuses if built adjacent to commercial hubs, resources or other districts.

Military advantage comes from Frederick’s unique ability that grants an additional military policy slot, regardless of what government it is currently running, and combat bonuses fighting city state units. The U-Boat, Germany’s unique unit, is highly effective in deep ocean tiles and has low production costs.

Civilization VI is set to release on October 21 for PC.

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