Civilization VI Finally Introduces Multiple Leaders, Starting With Greece’s Spartan Leader, Gorgo

We knew this was coming, but let’s be glad it is now confirmed. Ever since the first few videos where civs were introduced with a unique civ ability and a unique ability, many speculated of multiple leaders for a civ coming back. Civilization IV was the first to introduce multiple leaders that changes the playstyle of a particular civ while keeping its unique units and buildings. Nice to see this coming back for Civilization VI.

The first to receive the multiple leaders treatment is Greece. If you remember back in those History classes, Greece is known to establish oligarchy, and they operate as city-states, with Athens having more diplomatic focus while Sparta focuses on military strength. And so, the other leader of Greece in Civ VI hails from Sparta: Gorgo. The Queen of Sparta and husband to King Leonidas (the guy that shouts “THIS…IS.. SPARTA!!!” in the movie 300), Gorgo has a military focus. Her unique leader ability is to receive culture each time she defeats an enemy unit, similar to how the Aztecs work in Civ V. With the Acropolis adding culture, Hoplite and an extra wildcard slot for all governments, Greece under Gorgo can be aggressive and still push for a cultural victory, or at least prevent from a civ chasing cultural victory due to their strong culture output, especially if Greece goes to war often.

Also of note: Greece under Gorgo uses Sparta as its capital city instead of Athens under Pericles. The colour scheme is also different. brown and light-blue for Gorgo compared to Pericles’ light-blue and white.

Here’s the trailer:

With Gorgo introduced, we now have 20 leaders from 19 civilizations included at launch (19 leaders and 18 civs if you do not pre-order). Will we get more multiple leaders on launch? We will soon find out.

Civilization VI will launch on October 22 on PC.

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