Civ-Like City Builder Before We Leave Coming To Steam This May

Before We Leave, the hex-based city builder that looks like Civilization but only the pacifist options available, is coming to Steam. The game by New Zealand-based developer Balancing Monkey Games previously launched as an Epic Games Store exclusive last year, and it’s now Steam-bound this May.

Before We Leave tasks you in building civilization again after disaster stuck the planet and wiped everything clean. But unlike another new city builder released recently, the tone here is all calm and peaceful. You’ll be building towns and managing resources, but everything is more laid back and less dire.

The version should include all the updates and content as seen in the current Epic Games Store release, which includes new UI and UX, a visual overhaul, new island biomes and more.

But that won’t be the end of it. The Steam launch will include the release of a new free update that adds Scenarios, a weather system that can affect fatigue, crop growth, and movement speed.

Before We Leave will be available on Steam on May 14.

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