Civ Competitor Humankind Wants You To Help Make The Game Better (And Play The Game Early)

Amplitude Studios introduced a new way of getting player feedback early in their games. Called OpenDev, this will allow players to sign up for early access to games, and then offer feedback via a survey afterwards.

Introduced at the 2020 PC Gaming Show, this will be employed for Amplitude’s most ambitious game yet, the 4X Civilization competitor Humankind.

The OpenDev programme is now open. Players who signed up can get access to three different time-limited scenarios of Humankind, designed to test out specific mechanics of the game. It’s not a demo, but if you are passionate on your 4X strategy games, it’s a good opportunity to not only test the game early, but help make it better by informing the devs what you like (and don’t like).

Spots are limited, and should you be chosen, you don’t necessarily get access to all three scenarios.

You can go here to start registering, which requires a Games2Gether account, linking it to Steam, and another form to be filled.

Amplitude has always been upfront with getting players involved with its design process. The Games2Gether platform of forums have been instrumental in making games like Endless Legend and Endless Space 2 the way they are today, with the community giving feedback straight to the developers.

Humankind will not be coming out this year. It’s now scheduled for 2021.


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