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City Of Brass Is A New First-Person Roguelite From Former Bioshock Developers


Roguelikes are a pretty popular genre these days, but City Of Brass stands out out from the rest. It’s made by former Bioshock developers, it’s a first-person roguelike and its set in a fantasy “Arabian Nights” setting with djins and skeleton people. Armed with a scimitar and a whip, you will venture through a procedurally-generated levels, collecting treasure, avoiding traps and staying alive as long as you can.

This is the second game from developers Uppercut Games. Their first game, Submerged, is a relaxing adventure game with some platforming that was critically panned. City Of Brass is focused on the gameplay aspects this time around.

Currently the game is in Early Access on PC for RM47. If you’re looking for a different flavour of rougelites, or dig the look of the many skeleton warriors you have to face, it’s worth checking out.