Cities: Skylines’ New Expansion Lets You Build Your Own Sprawling University Campus

Cities:Skylines is expanding once again. The city builder will be getting the Campus expansion which, as the name implies, is focused on the educational systems.

Similar to Parklife where you get to create your own park by combining various components to your liking, Campus lets you set up a university campus the way you like. It’s not just limited to one major building, it can be a city region of its own comprised of multiple faculties and sports facilities.

Plus, one little cool thing- you get to see those sports facilities like the football stadium be used in varsity sports, similar to the free Match Day DLC.

This is another Cities: Skylines expansion that focuses on one specific content addition rather than swooping changes across the board. The community has been designing aesthetic cities that have sprawling campuses before thanks to mods, so being able to do one with the added benefit of it being gameplay relevant is nice.

Cities: Skylines Campus expansion will be out on May 21st for PC (Steam). As usual, expect a free update with a minor addition for every player coming together with the expansion.


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