Cities: Skylines II Features Deeper Citizen Simulation

This week’s Cities: Skylines II info drop is more on the simulation side, the stuff that goes under the hood in the urban city-builder that you can take a peek to really immerse yourself rather than just looking at numbers and heat maps.

Cities: Skylines II’s citizens has what’s called a Lifepath, detailing every major milestone of their life. Children go to school and grow up, then graduate to find jobs, spend time outside of work to leisure at parks or go shopping at commercial buildings. And they might get sick or be unemployed. And eventually grow old and die.

You can keep track of any particular individual and follow their Chirper feed. Chirper, the knock-off Twitter used to highlight citizens’ thoughts of the city has been revamped. Following specific people and see how many likes a post receives should clue in on what cityfolks care about. Hopefully the posts are more varied than the original game, which becomes stale so quick to be useful.

The simulation depth also ensures that crime happens for a reason. If a citezen has low well-being, and that’s necessarily from having to work with a low wage, they’ll start to commit crimes, and they will travel to that location, do the action and leave rather than having an icon in the city suddenly appear.

There’s a lot more details on citizen, and tourist, simulation for Cities: Skylines II in its dedicated dev blog post.

Cities: Skylines II will be available on October 24 for the PS5, PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) and Xbox Series X|S. The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass at launch.

Source: Paradox Interactive

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