Chuck Wood In Chaotic Weather With Friends In Lumberhill, Releasing This June

Want more couch co-op multiplayer games? Here’s one involving lumberjacks and the wrath of mother nature.

Lumberhill, developed by 2BIGo with support from ARP Games, should be familiar in format to fans of Overcooked! or Moving Out. It’s a party game where you have to do tasks under a time limit. But things can get out of hand very quickly either due to the level design, RNG or just the chaotic nature of the friends you play with.

In Lumberhill, you’ll be chucking wood, building bridges and herd animals across them to the place that needed be going. Sounds simple enough. But then a level can have wonderfully weird hazards that will stop your team of lumberjacks from success. These include meteor showers, pirate attacks, wildfires from lightning strikes, and… ledges that you can fall from.

If that’s not enough, you can vent your frustrations in PVP mode. One team does the tasks, the other must stop them by any means necessary as a ram or hog.

Lumberhill can be played solo or up to four players, with both local and online multiplayer support.

Lumberhill releases on June 13 on PC (Steam), and coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

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