Chinatown Detective Agency Is A Point-And-Click Adventure Where You Have To Find Clues Outside Of The Game

“Da Vinci Code meets Blade Runner” is the elevator pitch we received about General Interactive’s new game Chinatown Detective Agency. Set in a cyberpunk noir Singapore, featuring real locales from the country, you are a private investigator searching for a murderer.

The game takes a lot of inspiration from the classic Carmen Sandiego games, which requires you to go look up a geography map. As such, some puzzles in Chinatown Detective Agency will require you to go outside the game- at the very least alt-tab the game- and do real research of the clues from the internet. The intent here is to make you look at existing art pieces and appreciate it in a different light, which is a cool idea.

Also, it wears its Blade Runner-esque aesthetic on its sleeves. The pixel art and colour choices here definitely give that cyber-noir vibe.

Chinatown Detective Agency is set for release in winter (late) 2020 on PC (Steam). It’s still early days, but from what we saw at Level Up KL 2019, this looks promising. It’s one of the six best games we saw and played at the show.

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