Chinatown Detective Agency Achieved Kickstarter Funding Goal, New Stretch Goals Include A Nintendo Switch Release

Chinatown Detective Agency, the promising point-and-click indie adventure game being made by Singapore’s General Interactive, has been funded on Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter campaign has now been updated with stretch goals for folks who wants to chip in. At $60,000 SGD, the game will have localisation for German, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese and Brazilian Portugese.

At $65,000 SGD, the developer will add The Hong Lim Mahjong Club, which includes a Mahjong mini-game and a few new characters to meet.

Lastly, of the revealed stretch goals is a port to Nintendo Switch, at $70,000 SGD. Fans have been requesting a Switch port, and now it may be possible to get one.

Chinatown Detective Agency is inspired by the Carmen Sandiego series. The game has you uncover a mystery that starts out in cyber-noir Singapore, which leads into a globe-trotting adventure.

Designer Mark Fillion describes the game to us as “Blade Runner meets Da Vinci Code”, as the puzzles also include having you stepping out of the game, and do investigations in the real world.

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