China’s Leading The Gaming Market!

If you noticed, we have posted a malay article that talks about the possible domination of China toward the global video games revenue and outplaying the US.

That’s right. It’s happening now. In fact, earlier than predicted.


Based on the same analysis, Newzoo has revealed the sales statistics of the budget of gaming market by 2015. China will reach exceeding USD $22.23 billion as the world’s number one market surpassing the US, USD $ 21.96 billion. This excludes the sales of consoles and online gambling!

According to the statistics above, this tops Newzoo’s expectations that previously stated China will overtake the US in 2018.


China is a modern market for the gaming industry. With such massive population and a high statistic of online sales, there is no denial can be made upon the focus for both SONY and Microsoft toward their marketing in the country.


Japan is the third largest market after the US with a total of USD $ 12.33 billion, while their neighbor, South Korea is at USD $ 4.02 billion.


Here are the top 10 countries worldwide with enormous sales statistics:

  1. China – $ 22,227,194,000
  2. United States (US) – $ 21,962,491,000
  3. Japan – $ 12,328,860,000
  4. South Korea – $ 4,022,366,000
  5. Germany – $ 3,654,669,000
  6. United Kingdom (UK) – $ 3,533,493,000
  7. France – $ 2,460,172,000
  8. Canada – $ 1,811,271,000
  9. Spain – $ 1,564,223,000
  10. Italy – $ 1,505,800,000

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