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Check Out This Sweet (And Short) New Gameplay Of Mass Effect: Andromeda


A short new clip of Mass Effect: Andromeda debuted on Nvidia’s keynote at CES 2017. Now that we have a release date, Bioware is going to share a ton of stuff about the highly-anticipated game, right? Maybe not so. With just under 2 minutes, it showed just enough of the shooting and new gameplay changes. It’s not long, but we do learn new things from it.

Check it out below:

With the reveal of the menu screens, we now know that the six different classes in Mass Effect can now be changed on the fly. There’s another new class as well, Explorer. The skill tree offer branching upgrades like in Mass Effect 3. It’s not just a fluid cover shooter, at least in the gameplay being shown, as it seems you can take more damage out of cover and jet boosters to dodge and slide.

The gameplay was said to be running on PC, specifically using a GeForce 1080 (it was debuted on Nvidia’s stage after all). We will have to see if the PS4 and Xbox One versions can keep the same visual fidelity or not. But we do know that the game will support PS4 Pro enhancements.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will land on the stores in March 21.