Check Out The New Leaders For The American And English Civs In Civilization VI

Civilization VI is not that long until release and now the marketing has started to trickle out some new tidbits of info. Over on the official Civilization YouTube channel they have started to show off the various civs that will be included in the base game.

We have known that 18 civs will be available, and we have seen China, America and Egypt in a trailer shown at E3 the past few weeks ago. Now, the civs are showcased in a short video with their new unique ability, units and buildings.

First up is Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt representing the USA. The Americans has The Founding Fathers ability- where it “shortens the time needed for Government Legacy bonuses”, the film studio as a unique building and P-51 Mustang air unit.

Interestingly, this time around, civs will also have leader-specific uniques. Teddy Roosevelt has the Rough Riders unique unit- effective when fighting in the home continent- and grants bonus tourism for national parks.

Maybe we can expect multiple leaders for a civ like older Civ games did? (note: Civ V only has one leader per civ, unlike other previous titles)

The other civ being announced is something we haven’t seen at all, the English (or is it British?) Civ. Now led by Queen Victoria, the English civ has the British Museum as their unique ability where their archaeological museums has more artifact slots and provide more archaeologists. The English also have the Redcoats- bonuses when fighting outside the home continent, and the Sea Dogs- ships with the ability to capture other ships as unique units. The Royal Navy Dockyard is a unique district the English can build.

While the gameplay here sounds awesome- both civ’s unique abilities are very much different and plays with the new systems that will be coming in Civ VI, a point of contention within the Civ community right now is the artstyle. It’s clear that the game uses a more stylised, if not cartoony look to it- like Civ IV used to- instead of the more realistic look from Civ V. Some don’t like the cartoony look as it reminds them of a mobile title instead of a RM200+ product, while some can brush it off.

What do you think of the Civ VI in general? Will the gameplay changes and new art style be able to stand the test of time? We will soon find out when it releases in October 21 on PC.

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