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Check Out Sara Is Missing, A Horror Mystery Game By Malaysian Studio Monsoon Labs


Malaysia has its talents with game development, whether it’s asset creation and art for AAA games or indie projects, plenty of them are working on something cool. As such, Monsoon Labs’ horror mystery game Sara is Missing is an interesting take of the genre by a local studio.

The game deploys a smartphone interface, something seen in the Mr. Robot mobile game, but it’s not yours. The more you explore the phone the more clues you will find about the mysterious Sara and how to find her. Check out the trailer below for a better glimpse of the gameplay:

The game is currently only available on Android via and Play Store in demo form, with a name your price download. Sara Is Missing, the full game, will be hitting the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, as well as PC and Mac, soon.

UPDATE 2/11/16: It’s out for PC and Mac, available through