Check Out Guile In Action In This Latest Street Fighter V Trailer

Long-time favourite character Guile is making another appearance in Street Fighter, entering the character roster as the 2nd DLC character. He will be available to try when the April update hits sometime soon, possibly somewhere in the end of the month if last month’s March update was anything to come by.

In the meanwhile, Capcom has released a trailer showcasing Guile in action. Sharp-eyed players can see that he has most of his old moves, along with that new V-Trigger ability that enables him to throw a flurry of Sonic Booms. Plus, some of them seems to still use charge inputs (holding down or back and then a motion, instead of the traditional quarter-circle or zig-zag motions). Some are even stipulating that his Critical Art is a charge motion as well, a crazy theory that we’ll need to have him hands-on before we can confirm it.

At least that makes him differentiate from Nash who also have similar moves to Guile but was heavily changed to not use charged motions. Story-wise Guile learned those moves from Nash, and gameplay-wise, both characters don’t usually cross paths- since they have similar movesets.

Also, a laid-back version of the Guile theme can be heard. Does it go with everything? Not so much, but still a great rendition regardless.

There are 4 more DLC characters planned for Street Fighter V for the first season: Balrog (Boxer), Ibuki, Street Fighter III’s Urien, and Street Fighter IV’s Juri. Which one will be coming next is still unknown at the moment.

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