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Check Out A Quick Gameplay Reel Of Civilization VI From Start To Finish


Civilization VI is set to bring a lot of new, smaller changes to the formula that got a major change in V. But how will the game looks like in full with the new, stylised artstyle? Civ VI’s lead designer Ed Beach is showing off the game to various parties at E3, and this particular video, courtesy of Gamespot, shows off a lot of the gameplay while giving commentary of all the new features being shown.

What we know so far of Civ VI after the initial launch trailer? We have mentioned about how doing certain actions boost your research of a related technology, shown here as the Eureka moment. Apparently, the social policy tree of Civ V is changed to fit into the civics system from past civs, where your type of government can be customised with a variety of bonuses ala Social Policies. With the introduction of city districts, combat is bit more strategic as you need to not only defend that one tile that is the city centre, but also the various districts as well. Space and Conquest victory is returning, with one new victory condition being teased.

As far as civilisations included in the base game, 18 different civs will make an appearance. So far China, The USA’s Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, Egypt’s Cleopatra and Japan has been confirmed, with civs brand new to the Civ series to be revealed later after the tried-and-true civs are all announced. Beach made a remark of considering the popularity of real-world start games, where civs are all started from thier geographically accurate start on Earth, so expect some more South American and African civs to appear in Civ VI.

Civilization VI will be out on PC on October 21.