Cheating In Overwatch Will Get You Banned On First Offence, Thousands Already Did

For Overwatch to still be the fun class-based FPS it is now for the coming months (and maybe years), cheaters must not prosper. Cheating in FPS games can be done by installing 3rd-party solutions like aimbots and wall hacks, and these unfair advantages can be detrimental to the experience of an online multiplayer game.

Developers Blizzard does not want any of this in Overwatch and announced a warning earlier before launch: Anyone caught cheating will be permanently banned.

One week after launch, and now we started to see that they were not kidding. 1572 players on the Chinese servers have been caught, publicly named and permanently banned. Even buying a fresh new copy of the game with a new account is not enough to circumvent the ban. No appeals of the ban will be entertained. Harsh.

This is good news for us fair-playing gamers. In the game some heroes have ultimate abilities based on aimbots and wall hacks, so having it on permanently is not something Blizzard can tolerate.

However, we hope that cases of false positives- someone who is innocent but somehow got detected for cheating by mistake- is at a minimum. The no-nonsense approach would work on those cheaters, but if fair customers can get flagged, or duped into getting flagged, this method will then be questionable.

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